Case Study
Location - Namibia
Service - Market Making
Industry - Biochar
Raising project financing to scale industrial biochar units in Namibia
The Namibian subsidiary of the reputed biochar developer is looking to expand the production of industrial biochar in the region. The management team have a deep expertise in producing high grade industrial biochar with best in class lab results for the underlying biochar thus produced.

We were privileged to be chosen by the PyroCCS management team to source institutional capital for scaling the operations in Namibia to 10 industrial plants, post the successful pilot in the region. The team enjoys strong support from the local government and host community for a long term supply of the underlying feedstock constituting the native acacia bush.

The ongoing transaction has seen interests from a variety of investors leveraging more than one instrument to finance the plant’s upfront capex, including but not limited to term loan, offtake of underlying carbon assets at a discount to market value and working capital loan.
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