Insights from "Decoding NBS Financing - Unveiling the Financial Landscape for Large-Scale Nature-Based Solutions"
February 13, 2024

The recent webinar on "Decoding NBS Financing" brought together experts from various fields to delve into the complexities and opportunities surrounding nature-based solutions (NBS) financing. With a focus on sustainability, renewable energy, and climate finance, the panelists provided valuable insights into the challenges and potential solutions in leveraging natural ecosystems for carbon mitigation and environmental conservation.

Mangrove Restoration Challenges in Indonesia

Daniel Freiss, Deep Datta, and Lance Whitehead engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the challenges and potential solutions related to mangrove restoration projects, particularly in Indonesia. While recognizing the scientific feasibility of these projects, they highlighted the socio-economic complexities that often impede their success. Lance emphasized the importance of informed decision-making and the challenges of raising capital in the investment landscape.

Climate Finance and Natural Solutions Webinar

Neelesh Agrawal and Deep Datta emphasized the significance of the discussion, outlining Calculus Carbon's role in connecting program developers with institutional finance. They underscored the importance of exploring blended finance instruments and addressing information asymmetry in climate finance.

Blue Carbon Systems: Mitigating Carbon, Overcoming Challenges

Dan Friess shed light on the potential of blue carbon systems in mitigating carbon inputs, emphasizing their high carbon storage capacity. Despite the challenges in implementation, including socio-economic and governance issues, Dan highlighted the increasing number of blue carbon projects globally.

Nature Finance Market Challenges and Solutions

Katherine Stodulka discussed the challenges in investing in critical ecosystems like mangroves, emphasizing the need for a blend of capital from various sources. She highlighted examples of financial instruments and stressed the importance of private sector participation.

Blue Carbon Potential in West Africa and Fundraising Challenges

Katherine Stodulka and Lance Whitehead discussed leveraging blue carbon potential in West Africa and fundraising challenges. Lance shared experiences in fundraising for environmentally impactful projects, highlighting the importance of services like Calculus Carbon.

Investor Challenges in Nature-Based Projects Funding

Lance Whitehead addressed the challenges of securing funding for nature-based projects, emphasizing the limitations and priorities of various potential investors. He suggested that a consortium of different investors could unlock more reluctant capital.

Transitioning to Agroforestry: Challenges and Solutions

Katherine Stodulka discussed challenges associated with transitioning to agroforestry models, highlighting the need for off-take agreements and strategic leadership. Dan Friess emphasized the importance of understanding ecological conditions for successful restoration.

Community Involvement in Blue Carbon Projects

Dan Friess stressed the importance of community involvement in blue carbon projects, acknowledging the time-consuming nature of this approach. Lance Whitehead suggested that development agencies might need to take on more early-stage projects.


The webinar provided valuable insights into the financial landscape of large-scale nature-based solutions. Despite the challenges, there is a growing recognition of the importance of investing in natural ecosystems for carbon mitigation and environmental conservation. By leveraging innovative financing mechanisms, fostering private sector engagement, and prioritizing community involvement, stakeholders can unlock the full potential of nature-based solutions to address climate change and promote sustainable development.

To access the webinar and view the presentation, simply click on this link.