About us
We are a team of professionals from financial services and climate science, equally fuelled by the passion to create pathways for high quality sustainable projects to access the required institutional capital. We believe in implementation over strategising and provide a full stack solution for our partners and clients to achieve their climate targets.
Right Arrow
Our mission is to bridge the knowledge and expertise gap in the investment teams of natural capital and climate finance, across large corporate and institutional funds.
Our People
Neelesh Agrawal
Founder & CEO
Deepjeet Datta
Technical Head
Aniket Kumar
Analyst, Environmental Markets
Priyanka Lohia
Founder’s Office
Badri Visaal
Product Designer
Ranjan Kudesia
Software Developer
Abhinav Bansal
Advisor, Strategy
Dr. Prabina Rajib
Advisor, Commodities
Hadi Badri
Advisor, Global Strategy