Case Study
Location - India
Service - Market Making
Industry - Energy
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Invenire Energy to source high-quality offsets for sale to Invenire's downstream clients in the Oil & Gas sector. Invenire Energy, an esteemed upstream Oil & Gas company, operates with a commitment to executing and operating projects safely, efficiently, and at the lowest end of the cost curve. With a presence in South East Asia, Central Asia, and East Africa, Invenire Energy boasts a high-quality, high-impact upstream asset portfolio, positioning itself as a key player in the global energy landscape.

Through our strategic collaboration with Invenire Energy, we are leveraging our expertise in carbon offset sourcing to provide sustainable solutions to the Oil & Gas industry. By sourcing high-quality offsets, we enable Invenire's downstream clients to mitigate their carbon emissions and contribute to environmental sustainability. Our partnership embodies a shared commitment to responsible energy practices and underscores our dedication to driving positive environmental impact within the Oil & Gas sector.

Together, our partnership with Invenire Energy represents a pivotal step towards advancing sustainability in the Oil & Gas industry. By offering high-quality offsets to Invenire's downstream clients, we are facilitating the adoption of sustainable practices and contributing to the transition towards a low-carbon future. Through collaboration and innovation, we are proud to support Invenire Energy in its mission to operate responsibly and drive meaningful change in the global energy sector.