Case Study
Location - India
Service - Low Carbon Implementation
Industry - Agriculture
Advised AT Kearney on carbon origination potential via regenerative agriculture for an agri-tech client
We collaborated with AT Kearney to explore the carbon origination potential of regenerative agriculture for one of their agri-tech clients. Leveraging our expertise in sustainable practices and environmental economics, we provided strategic guidance on how the client could unlock new revenue streams through carbon credits. By tapping into their existing network of farms and Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), we identified opportunities for the client to establish a pioneering business unit focused on carbon credit revenue generation.

Our advisory services involved a comprehensive analysis of the client's agricultural ecosystem, assessing the feasibility and scalability of implementing regenerative agriculture practices. Through close collaboration with AT Kearney and our client, we developed tailored strategies to capitalize on the emerging market for carbon credits. By harnessing the potential of regenerative agriculture, we enabled our client to not only enhance their sustainability credentials but also create tangible economic value for farmers within their network.

Ultimately, our partnership with AT Kearney and our client exemplifies the power of innovative thinking and strategic collaboration in driving sustainable business models. Together, we paved the way for our client to pioneer a transformative approach to agriculture, one that not only prioritizes environmental stewardship but also delivers tangible benefits to farmers and communities alike.
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