Case Study
Location - India
Service - Market Making
Industry - Biochar
Working to finance and scale biochar production in the western India using cotton feedstock
We partnered with Varhad Capital to catalyze the financing and scaling of biochar production in western India, focusing on utilizing cotton feedstock. With a track record in artisanal biochar production, Varhad Capital sought assistance in securing equity financing to transition to industrial-scale production. Leveraging our expertise in sustainable finance and agricultural innovation, we worked closely with Varhad Capital to develop a strategic roadmap for financing and scaling their biochar operations.

Our advisory services encompassed a thorough analysis of the biochar production process, market dynamics, and investment landscape in the region. Through collaborative workshops and in-depth financial modeling, we identified key opportunities and challenges for scaling up biochar production using cotton feedstock. By aligning Varhad Capital's objectives with investor interests, we crafted compelling investment propositions to attract equity financing and facilitate the transition to industrial-scale biochar production.

Our partnership with Varhad Capital underscores our commitment to driving sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector. By facilitating the financing and scaling of biochar production, we enable Varhad Capital to not only expand their business operations but also contribute to environmental sustainability and agricultural resilience in western India.
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