Case Study
Lionheart Farms
Location - Phillipines
Service - Market Making
Industry - ARR (Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation)
Raising institutional capital for large scale coconut plantation in Philippines
The Hong Kong based project developer owns and operates a large palm coconut farm in the Philippines. The project has played a key role in solving employment opportunities and food security for the host community since the project’s inception a few years ago. Calculus Carbon is privileged to have an opportunity to run a sell-side mandate for monetising the carbon potential of the project’s asset base.

Our ongoing advisory involves working closely with natural capital funds across EU and UK, helping them establish the veracity of the project’s carbon removal and storage over the past few years and its impact/ contribution for the local host community. A key part of the mandate involves discovering the fair market price for Lionheart’s carbon asset by reconciling the value derived by the incoming natural capital fund and its end clients.

We are proud to have an opportunity to help scale the impact by the Lionheart team, as the proceeds from the sale shall help scale the current plantations while expanding the processing of the plantation’s sustainable produce, thereby creating additional job opportunities and enhancing the food security for the region.
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